Clients: The Bards of FoDLA
2014 – Freelance (Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging Design)
Commissioned by a group of musicians, the Bards of FoDLA, to design the CD cover art/packaging for their Celtic folk album  "Sacred Oaks". They gave me the freedom to come up with a design inspired by the music they recorded and the album title they provided, but they specified the font for the titling. They selected Digipak as their printer/duplicator of choice and I incorporated the layout template specifications into my design.
For the cover art, I took inspiration from the look of traditional woodcut techniques, the shapes of oak leaves, and a sacred, ancient Celtic symbol — the three-armed triskelion. I combined those elements into a graphic that would be the focal point on the CD front cover. A photo shoot was arranged with the musicians in a nearby nature preserve to get a photo for the back cover.
I presented the band members a set of digital mockups showing what the final design would look like along with a printed and folded physical mockup of the CD case.
The CD is available for purchase on CDBaby.
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