Hi there! I'm Doug!
I am a UX Researcher and Designer who likes working within an interdisciplinary team to create empathetic and engaging user experiences for a variety of products and services. I have an industrial design background, over 20 years of visual and web design experience, and now I have leveled-up my skills to include UX research and testing methods. I really enjoy taking a deep dive into a project — both the “big picture” stuff and the tiny details. I savor great user stories and get energized by each new insight discovered. I love applying my experiences, creativity and problem-solving skills to designing meaningful solutions to life’s challenges.
In addition to my design work, I am a leader of the Celtic Arts Center, a non-profit cultural arts organization. In that role, I guide an all-volunteer crew in offering cultural arts workshops and seasonal events, as well as perform on stage in their Gaelic choir. I find joy and happiness in gardening, exploring wild places in nature, and connecting with interesting people.
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